New Function Release : WISE-5231/WISE-5231M-3GWA support the connect to the IoT Cloud Platform


Function Description

Due to the rapid development of IoT (Internet of Things) technology, many IoT applications are developed for the connections between sensor and Cloud Platform. However an ideal IoT application is not easy to achieve. To build an application, it requires knowledge to use the interface and service provided by the IoT Cloud Platform, and then the programmer must set up an efficient and stable mechanism to collect and transfer the data of the front-end sensors to the back-end IoT Cloud Platform. After the IoT Cloud Platform can successfully retrieve the data from the sensors in a smooth way, the IoT application will then be able to continue the operations.

The new version WISE-5231/WISE-5231M-3GWA firmware supports the connectivity to the IoT Cloud Platform such as: Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, and is Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT. WISE-52xx works as the concentrator in the IoT application and is used to connect with the front-end sensors and I/O modules, then the I/O channel data will be collected and transferred to the back-end IoT Cloud platform for future data analysis. WISE-52xx can also receive the messages published from the IoT Cloud platform to trigger the corresponding actions of WISE-52xx at the field side. With the Easy-to-Use Web page interface, the users only need to input the registration information of the WISE-52xx that is previously registered from the Microsoft Azure or IBM Bluemix, then the WISE-52xx will complete the Network connection to the IoT Cloud Platform. During the function setting procedure, no programming is required to implement the complex Network operations connecting to the IoT Cloud Platform. The content of the messages published by WISE-52xx to the IoT Cloud Platform can be freely edited; the I/O channel values can be included in the content of the Publish Messages and edited on the free style editing interface. WISE-52xx also provides the “JSON Format” setting Option; when this setting is enabled, the content of the Publish Message will be packaged in JSON format. In addition to publish messages to IoT Cloud Platform, WISE-52xx can also receive messages sent from the IoT Cloud Platform. When the WISE-52xx receives messages in JSON format from the IoT Cloud Platform, WISE-52xx will be able to convert it to the corresponding values; and then verify if the value matches the pre-defined IF-THEN-ELSE evaluation criteria, if so, it will then execute the corresponding actions at the field site.

▲ Set up the connection with IoT Cloud Platform in an easy way

Moreover, WISE-52xx also provides complete MQTT Client function. It can be used to connect with the MQTT Broker such as Amazon CloudMQTT or others. Based on the application architecture, user can use the function to build his own public IoT Cloud System or private IoT Cloud System.

WISE-5231 provides flexible integration with the Sensors and I/O modules at the field side and powerful Network connection ability connecting to the IoT Cloud Platform. It is not just a Concentrator for the front-end sensors at the field side, but also the IoT Gateway to collect and transfer the data from the sensors to the back-end IoT Cloud System. All of these features make WISE-52xx the most cost-effective I/O controller in the IoT (Internet of Thing) environment.

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