Support SNMP Protocol & Trap
The user can access I/O data via SNMP protocol. WISE-5231 can also actively send specified I/O data to the SNMP manager by SNMP Trap. Any emergency event can be notified immediately.
Support MQTT Client
WISE-5231 provides MQTT client function that allows to publish messages to specific brokers or subscribe topics from specific brokers, and the content of received topic messages can be used as IF condition.
Support CGI Command
The user can access I/O data by the CGI command based on HTTP protocol. Compared to XML format, the JSON format is lightweight and occupies less traffic. WISE-5231 can also actively send CGI commands containing the I/O data to specified devices.
Support SSL/TLS SMTP Mail Server
WISE-5231 supports the SMTP mail servers encrypted by SSL or TLS, the user can easily send encrypted emails to enhance security.
Support Modbus TCP Protocol
The user can access I/O data via the Modbus TCP protocol. WISE-5231 can also actively send specific I/O data to specified Modbus TCP devices periodically or when the data is changed to reducing the loading of polling.
Support Dynamic DNS
WISE-5231 supports dynamic DNS function; it will update the current IP to the dynamic DNS service providers. Therefore the users can access WISE-5231 by inputting a easy-to-remember domain name instead of an IP address.
Various I/O Modules
WISE-5231 allows to connecting with a wide range of the ICP DAS I/O modules such as: XV-Board, I-7000, M-7000, (P)ET-7000, WISE-7100, WF-2000 and tM/DL/LC/SC/IR series modules,etc. WISE-52xx also allows connection with devices that support Modbus RTU/TCP Slave protocol for I/O monitoring.
Data Log & Send Back
WISE-5231 provide multiple sets of data logger function, the log can be stored in different folder in the microSD card. The auto send-back function can automatically send back the log to specified FTP server. WISE-5231 will keep the log when experiencing network disconnection and is not able to send back the data to the FTP server, and when the network is resumed, the data will be sent to the server again.
Timer & Schedule
Unlimited number of timer and schedule allows user to perform specific tasks such as time delay, or schedule specific date or time for control logic execution. To ensure the accuracy of the WISE-5231 controller clock, it also provides the time synchronization function by SNTP time server.
Access Control
WISE-5231 provides three different levels of access control. The administrator has the highest level of authority. And the administrator can set up max. 5 users, with different password, the user can be authorized different levels of access authorities.. And Guest can only view the I/O data.
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