WISE-7102 and WISE-7153 are the latest modules of WISE-71XXx series from ICP DAS. They inherited merits from the existing WISE-71xx series. WISE-7102 and WISE-7153 provide an easy-to-use web page for users; no programming is required; it takes only a few clicks on web pages via browsers to implement control logic settings. The built-in IF-THEN-ELSE logic engine inside WISE-7102 and WISE-7153 will determine the execution of actions under specific conditions, for examples: setting up I/O channel values, perform Timer tasks, sending Email /CGI command under a specific condition. WISE-7102 is a multi-function module featuring 3-channel analog inputs, 6-channel digital inputs and 3-channel Power Relay outputs while WISE-7153 featuring 16-channel dry contact digital inputs. Both WISE-7102 and WISE-7153 support Modbus TCP protocol to make seamless integration with SCADA software available. With the newly released products, it is more flexible for users to implement the SCADA system to meet various requirements in different industrial automation applications.

WISE-7102 WISE-7153


WISE-5800-MTCP and WISE-5801-MTCP are the latest controllers of WISE-580x series from ICP DAS.


WISE-580x-MTCP does not support connecting to I-7000 modules or Modbus RTU Slave modules as WISE-580x does, but it supports Modbus TCP Master function that allows connections to Modbus TCP Slave modules (up to 7). The comparison table of WISE-580x and WISE-580x-MTCP in I/O module connections is as below.

I/O Module Support WISE-580x WISE-580x-MTCP
Local I/O Interface for XW-Board Yes Yes
Remote I/O Interface by RS485 I-7000 modules (up to 16)
Modbus RTU Slave modules (up to 10)
Remote I/O Interface by Ethernet No Modbus TCP Slave modules (up to 7)

Through Modbus TCP protocol, WISE-580x-MTCP is able to read back 4 types of Modbus data (Coil Output, Discrete Input, Input Register and Holding Register) from the Modbus TCP Slave modules that are connected to the WISE-580x-MTCP, and write data on Coil Output or Holding Register from the WISE-580x-MTCP to these Modbus TCP Slave modules. WISE-580x-MTCP can use the Modbus data along with the built-in IF-THEN-ELSE logic engine to execute actions under specific conditions. The SCADA system also can retrieve the Modbus data from the WISE-580x-MTCP.

WISE-580x-MTCP inherited merits from the existing WISE-580x series. The built-in IF-THEN-ELSE logic engine inside WISE-580x-MTCP will check whether the logic rules are valid or not and determine the execution of actions under specific conditions, for examples: setting up I/O channel values, perform scheduled and Timer tasks, sending Email /CGI command under a specific condition. With the microSD card, WISE-580x-MTCP also provides Data Logger function to real-time record the I/O data of the controller and sends back the data files by FTP or Email at a scheduled time to the control center for further administration management or data analysis. WISE-5801-MTCP also incorporates two-way SMS message interactive control function as WISE-5801. Apart from the traditional SMS message sending function that enables to send alarm status reports to mobile devices, WISE-5801-MTCP also allows to receive the SMS commands from the mobile devices to retrieve the I/O channel data, modify the output channel data or trigger IF-THEN-ELSE rule execution. In addition, through the Modbus TCP/RTU Protocol, WISE-580x-MTCP enables seamless integration with SCADA software or HMI devices to control or monitor I/O channels on controllers in real time.

Application Story for WISE-580x-MTCP

WISE-5801-MTCP provides Modbus TCP Master function to connect to the I/O modules that support Modbus TCP slave function. The connection interface between WISE and I/O modules is based on the Ethernet environment; it will simplify the wiring of the automation control system.

In this application for disaster prevention and access control of the factory environment, WISE-5801-MTCP is connected to ET-7018Z and PET-7060. The ET-7018Z is used to detect the temperature for various devices in the factory in real time; WISE-5801-MTCP can communicate with ET-7018Z via Modbus TCP protocol to receive the real time temperature data for data logger operation, and then send back the real time temperature data and historical data logger files to the control center. By using the WISE-5801-MTCP, the system is able to initiate immediately actions in response to emergencies. For example, when the temperature reaches the pre-set critical temperature threshold, based on the temperature it gets from ET-7018Z, the WISE-5801-MTCP will take actions such as stop the devices automatically, turn on the temperature reduction devices, or send alarm email/SMS message to the related personals. The operator can also send the SMS command to WISE-5801-MTCP to take appropriate actions to the factory devices immediately. These functions help to quickly response to emergencies and enable more efficient real time monitoring of the overall factory operation.

The PET-7060 is used to connect to the access control system and report its status. WISE-5801-MTCP communicates with PET-7060 via Modbus TCP protocol. With the built-in Schedule function of WISE-5801-MTCP, the user can divide the factory operation time into Working time (8:00-18:00) and non-Working time (18:00-08:00 and holiday). If someone breaks in the factory in non-Working time without the access authority, the WISE-5801-MTCP will send alarm email/SMS message to the related personals and the alarm operation will be enabled. WISE-5801-MTCP also provides event trigger data log operation. The door status of the access control from PET-7060 can be used as a trigger source to trigger the data log operation. When the file recording operation is completed, WISE-5801-MTCP will also automatically send back the data logger file to the control center for further analysis.

WISE-580x-MTCP Feature:

WISE-580x-MTCP Specification:

Hardware Software
  • 16-Bit CPU
  • 768KB/512KB for SRAM/Flash
  • Equips microSD storage for Data Logger.
  • Offers a wide range of I/O modules.
    • Local I/O:Connect to XW-Board via Local Bus.
    • Remote I/O:Connect to Modbus TCP Slave devices via Ethernet.
  • 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet.
  • GSM module for SMS message sending and command receiving. (GSM Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz; apply to WISE-5801-MTCP only)
  • Power Consumption: 2 W (Without XW-Board).
  • Operating Temperature : -25 ~ +75°C

  • 36 IF-THEN-ELSE logic rules supported.
  • 1 XW-Board supported.
  • Modbus TCP Slave devices (up to 7) supported.
  • 12 Timers/12 Schedules supported.
  • 12 Emails/12 CGI Commands supported.
  • 48 Internal Registers supported.
  • 12 Recipes supported.
  • Data logger and data files send back function supported.
  • Modbus TCP/RTU protocol supported for SCADA/ HMI device integration.
  • Time Synchronization for SNTP.
  • 12 SMS alarm messages supported. (apply to WISE-5801-MTCP only)
  • 3 Type of SMS commands supported. (apply to WISE-5801-MTCP only)

WISE features easy-to-use, reliable and multi-functions. And with extensive product lines, it enables to meet various requirements from the users. The ICP DAS WISE controller is designed to provide cost-effective software and hardware solutions for our customers and will significantly reduce the time and labor spent in the process of system developments. For more information about WISE product, please visit http://wise.icpdas.com or http://www.icpdas.com